About Our Sponsored Clubs

One of our primary activities in the St. Anthony Kiwanis Club is the sponsorship of four service clubs for youth and young adults.  These are the Key Club at St. Anthony Village High School, the Builders Club at St. Anthony Village Middle School, the K-Kids Club at Wilshire Park Elementary School, and the Aktion Club for adults and youth with disabilities, which meets at the St. Anthony Community Center. 

Our club has a Kiwanis Advisor assigned to each of these clubs to help them with their meetings and their projects.  Each of the school clubs also has a Faculty Advisor.  Finally, we also support the clubs financially.

Getting these young people and adults involved in community and school service is not only good for the community and school but it is also very beneficial to the club members.  This early exposure to the needs of others is a good step in making them more caring individuals.  The activities also give them opportunities to develop leadership skills and to learn how to work effectively on teams.  They also learn about personal responsibility.  It is for these reasons that we put significant emphasis on our support to these clubs.